Reconstructing Mariënbad
Mats Dekock

Opening 03. May 2016 at 7 p.m
Opening: Mag.a Susanne Schaefer- Wiery
Introduction: Martin Fritz (Kurator, Berater, Publizist)
04. May - 28. May 2016

Reconstructing Marienbad consists of 3 separate installations,
inspired by the film classic 'L'Année Dernière à Marienbad' (1961) by
Alain Resnais. The installations investigate how a cinematic
experience can be tranformed into an architectural form.

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Reconstucting Marienbad

'Disembodied narrative'
All the spoken text of 'L'Année à Marienbad' is
deconstructed in horizontal and vertical elements, that are printed on a disk and look like binary code. The disks rotates under stroboscopic light, which melts the abstract elements back together into a readable text.

Reconstructing Marienbad-Mats Dekock5

'Cinematic Decoupage'
This installation is a maquette, which consists out of tendozens perfect copies of the same empty hallway of the movie. The maquette transforms this single frame into a animated sculpture by rotation. Because of the persistence of vision this sculpture transforms into a living and organic image.

Reconstructing Mariënbad-Mats Dekock6

This installation combines all the interior rooms and spaces filmed in 'L'Année à Marienbad' together in an ovular maquette. By using a pinhole camera the slowly rotating maquette is transformed into a cinematic experience and the spectator can wander endlessly through the empty corridors and hallways of the movie.

Concept and realisation: Mats Dekock
With the support of Transmedia Sint-Lukas Brussels
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“Reconstructing Mariënbad” has been presented at
25/05/14-29/06/14: The White House Gallery, Lovenjoel (BE)
07/11/14-23/11/14: New Technological Art Awards 2014 / Zebrastraat, Gent (BE) - “Reconstructing Mariënbad” has been selected, together with 20 other nominated works, from 383 applications coming from 50 different countries.

Mats Dekock is a Belgian architect and artist, who obtained a Master degree in Architecture at the KU Leuven and a Master in Transmedia at the LUCA school of ARTS/Sint-Lukas Brussels. In his transmedian work, he shifts the emphasis of his architectural discourse from a designer point-of-view to that of a subject embedded within space. The architectural toolbox and discourse remain his key instruments, but it is through the articulation of subjectivity in the dialogue between subject and space, that his architectural artwork arises.